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At Yakili, we help students of all ages thrive through customized learning experiences that encourage active engagement, self-awareness, and academic growth.

Everything you need to excel in school

Our lessons are categorised by grades to ensure every learner learns what is appropriate to their level.

Visual representation

Yakili animated videos simplify complex topics by visually illustrating concepts and processes. This visual approach helps students better understand difficult ideas by showing them how things work.

Engaging and entertaining

Yakili animated videos captivate students through vibrant visuals, dynamic characters, and compelling storytelling. This engaging approach not only captures attention but also fosters increased focus and enhances comprehension.

Simplified Understanding

Yakili animated videos make complex info easy to grasp. They break down abstract ideas into simple steps and visuals, helping students follow along effortlessly and better organize their understanding.

Repetition + Reinforcement

Yakili animated videos can be replayed, letting students review as much as they need. This helps reinforce information, allowing them to focus on details and overcome difficulties by pausing or rewinding.

Multi-sensory learning

Yakili animated videos use text, narration, sound effects, and animations for a multi-sensory learning experience. This engages different parts of the brain, caters to various learning styles, and accommodates individual preferences, enhancing comprehension.

Practical Insights

Yakili videos use real-life examples to show how concepts apply in practical situations. This helps students connect, understand relevance, and deepen comprehension.

The Campus of Possibility

Unlock unlimited learning potential with our online platform. With access to a diverse range of expert tutors, you can find the right fit for your child's needs, 24/7, anytime and anywhere.

Yakili, Your 24/7 Learning Partner

Unlock a world of learning opportunities with our online platform. Forget about limitations like scheduling conflicts and outdated learning materials. With our extensive selection of tutors, you can find the perfect fit for your child's learning needs, anytime and anywhere.

24/7 Science Campus in the Cloud

Say goodbye to limited offline resources, poor quality courses, and scheduling conflicts! With our online platform, parents can easily find top-notch tutors anytime, anywhere.

24/7 Science Campus in the Cloud

Dedicated teaching and interactions through 1-on-1 classes to meet personalized learning need.

Interactive Questions and Answers

Active Engagement

Yakili's interactive questions demand active participation, prompting students to think critically and analyze information for a deeper understanding. This engagement fosters focus and improves comprehension.

Concept Reinforcement

Through interactive questions, students reinforce learned concepts, promoting long-term retention and building a solid subject foundation.

Skill Builders

Engaging with interactive questions hones critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students. These activities encourage analyzing problems from diverse perspectives, evaluating evidence, and making logical connections—essential skills for academic success.

Confidence Boost

Mastering interactive questions boosts students' confidence, motivating ongoing learning and enhancing academic performance.

Instant Insights

Our interactive questions offer instant feedback, helping students recognize and correct mistakes. This aids in understanding and learning from errors, allowing students to identify and strengthen areas of weakness.

Collaborative Learning

Our interactive questions cultivate collaboration and inclusivity, encouraging students to discuss, debate, and learn from their peers. Active participation in this learning community enhances understanding and provides diverse perspectives.

Homework Help

Resource Hub

Yakili Homework Help offers diverse resources—practice exercises, study guides, video tutorials, and educational articles—to enhance student understanding and reinforce learning.

Personalized Support

Yakili Homework Help provides personalized one-on-one tutoring sessions, offering tailored support and guidance. Our dedicated tutors explain concepts, answer questions, and provide strategies to enhance understanding and performance.

Instant Feedback

Yakili Homework Help delivers instant feedback on exercises, aiding students in recognizing and correcting mistakes promptly for more effective learning. It also enables progress tracking and highlights areas that need additional attention.

Time management

Yakili Homework Help empowers students to master time management and organization. With task lists, reminders, and scheduling tools, students learn to prioritize, prevent procrastination, and efficiently complete assignments.

Connect & Collaborate

Our Homework Help features discussion forums and chat options for students to connect, collaborate, ask questions, and share ideas with peers. Peer learning enriches understanding, offering diverse perspectives and collective problem-solving.

Test Preparation

Yakili Homework Help gives you tools and tips for getting ready for tests. You can use practice tests and learn how to study better. This helps you build good study habits, feel less nervous about tests, and do better in exams.

Get Artificial Intelligence Help

Meet Luna, our virtual assistant ready to help students with answers 247

Ask & Learn

Yakili's virtual assistant offers clear explanations, examples, and step-by-step solutions to support students in understanding and completing assignments with ease.

Study Support

Luna supports students by helping find study materials, suggesting strategies, and recommending extra resources like books, articles, or videos. It also provides summaries and explanations for complex subjects, making it easier to understand.

Exam preparation

Luna offers strategies, tips, and practice questions to aid students in preparing for exams. It helps clarify difficult topics, provide study techniques, and offer mock tests or quizzes for self-assessment

Language learning

Practice conversations and get language help with Luna! Improve grammar, vocabulary, and language skills through interactive dialogues.

Research Assistance

Prepare for exams with Luna's tips, strategies, and practice questions. Get help understanding tough topics, learn study techniques, and assess yourself with mock tests.

Personalized Learning

Luna, your virtual assistant, customizes learning just for you. By understanding your preferences and tracking your progress, it gives personalized recommendations, content, and learning paths tailored to your needs.

Learning Analysis

Insights for Improvement

Yakili's learning analysis identifies strengths and areas needing improvement. Use this info to focus on enhancing weak points and leveraging your strengths.

Setting personalized goals

Set and track goals with learning analysis! Students and parents use performance data to establish measurable goals, making it easy to adjust study plans for progress.

Evaluating study strategies

Discover effective study strategies with learning analysis! By analyzing data, students can see if their methods are working and make adjustments for better results.

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Yakili leverages the best in-class teachers, media, and technology to create high-quality, affordable and accessible education for students.

Basic Plan - 3,500 XAF/Month (30% discount) instead of 5000XAF

Ideal for beginners or users who wish to access fundamental learning materials.

  • Access to a limited number of basic courses
  • Limited video streaming quality (720)
  • Access to online classes
  • 1 user account
  • Email support with standard response time
  • Whatsapp Support
  • Access to Homework Help (10 tokens per day)
  • Access to virtual assistant Luna (20 tokens per day)
  • Access to community forums

Standard Plan - 5,000 XAF/Month (38% discount) instead of 8000XAF

Designed for users looking for a more comprehensive e-learning experience.

  • Access to all basic courses plus a selection of intermediate courses
  • HD video streaming quality (1080HDP)
  • Access to online classes
  • Up to 2 user accounts
  • Priority email support
  • Whatsapp support
  • Access to Homework Help ( 25 tokens per day)
  • Access to virtual Assistant Luna (40 tokens per day)
  • Access to community forums and discussion groups
  • Monthly webinars with experts

Premium Plan - 8,000 XAF/Month (33% discount) instead of 12000XAF

The most advanced plan for users seeking full access to all e-learning resources and personalized services.

  • Access to all courses (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced)
  • Full HD video streaming quality (2K, 4K)
  • Access to online classes
  • Access to Homework Help (unlimited tokens per day)
  • Access Virtual Assistant Luna (unlimited tokens per day)
  • Multiple user accounts (up to 2)
  • Priority email and chat support
  • Access to exclusive community forums and expert networks
  • Weekly one on one tutoring help with experts
  • Downloadable course materials for offline learning
  • Personalized learning recommendations
  • Early access to new courses and features

Additional Notes for the Pricing Plan:

  • Annual Subscription Discount: Customers who choose an annual subscription instead of monthly billing are offered a discount. For example, pay for 10 months upfront and get 2 months free.

  • Free Trial: Yakili offers a 15-day or 30-day free trial to allow users to test the platform before committing to a subscription.

  • Enterprise Solutions: For institutions or businesses looking for a custom solution, Yakili deploys an enterprise package that includes bulk user accounts, advanced analytics, and tailored content. Schools have the possibility to absorb the subscription fee discounted into their tution fee package.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All prices are in XAF and include any applicable taxes.
  • Subscriptions renew automatically each month, and users can cancel any time.
  • The features listed in each plan are subject to change, but customers will be notified of any significant modifications in advance.

By structuring our pricing plan in this way, we provide a range of options that cater to different user needs and budgets, making it clear what each tier offers and why one might opt for a higher-priced plan.

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