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At YAKILI, we understand the importance of providing quality educational resources that not only captivate students but also help them master key concepts. With our team of passionate educators, animators, and technologists, we strive to create a unique learning experience that is both fun and informative.

Delivering world-class learning outcomes at scale

If you really want a significant impact, a real change, a true evolution, you have to set up a long-term vision, a vision to implement now, and there’s no better way to invest in the future than invest in our kid’s education. Giving them access to high-quality education is certainly the most overarching duty of a society.
Since its clear that there’s a correlation between the quality of education system of a country and its development, the challenge is therefore to provide a proper education for all the children. A task that seems impossible and utopian in sub-Saharan African countries in view of the demographic growth which is around 2.3%/year, a growth which is by far inferior to consented efforts to build a better educative infrastructure (create more schools and hire more teachers).
The problem is infinitely bigger than solutions addressed to it. However, we really believe it’s the biggest opportunity since the independence of some African countries to resolve this problem, there’s a need of a true revolution in the education system, this revolution can be inspired and take its source in another one: The Digital revolution. Technology is still to this day, the only viable way to provide millions of children with a high-quality education solution, that’s what we do, that’s what WS4ED GROUP does.

Our Mission in Action


Our goal is to empower 300 million learners around the world by 2032, transforming lives through high-quality education made possible by technology.


We believe that a society's value is measured by how it treats its children. And we are convinced that education is the ultimate driver of economic, social, and cultural development. Providing universal access to high-quality education is the key to unlocking a nation's potential, and we believe that Yakili is a major part of the solution.


Our mission is simple: Equip learners with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in school and beyond. Our tools are designed to empower each individual, helping them unlock their full potential and thrive in a competitive world.

What makes us different?

We've designed our product to be affordable for people from all walks of life across Africa. We believe that access to quality education should not be limited by socio-economic status.
We're the first platform to develop a specialized digital solution for learners with special needs. Our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility is what truly sets us apart from other platforms.
What sets us apart is our dual-language approach. Offering content in both French and English, we provide an inclusive and globally accessible learning experience for African learners.
Immersive lessons covering Mathematics, English & Science for the perfect academic head-start.
Our interactive platform empowers learners to connect and engage with teachers in real-time, creating personalized learning experiences and driving results.
Our innovative technology is at the forefront of democratizing quality education for everyone. We're on a mission to break down barriers and make education more accessible than ever before.

Our Values


We want to trigger a revolution around education, and we think digital is the best tool to do so, meaning that we’re living the best moment to do it, and since the solution is supposed to change the lives of millions of kids and make the most positive impact possible, we believe it’s the right path to take.


The youth is always the hope of a people, village, city, or nation. Carrying his own hope, and the hope of others is not a simple task. This hope should be nourished as our learners too. The hope that if they have the right tools during their studies they’ll evolve and fulfill all the expectations the world has about them.


Education in its most primary meaning, aims to give keys to learners through the curriculum, we! at WS4ED GROUP through “Yakili” aim to do even better, and go even further: WE ARE GOING TO GIVE THEM KEYS, to empower them and let them have the choice of what they want to become in the future. Having the choice is the most pure form of freedom.

Our Team

At Yakili, our team of passionate and experienced educators is dedicated to driving academic success and personal growth. We tailor our methods to each student's learning style.


Prof. Citizenship


Prof. Informatique


Prof. Citizenship


Prof. Economics


Prof. Physics

Esther E

Prof. English Language


Prof. Français


Prof. SVT

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Yakili leverages the best in-class teachers, media, and technology to create high-quality, affordable and accessible education for students.

Basic Plan - 3,500 XAF/Month (30% discount) instead of 5000XAF

Ideal for beginners or users who wish to access fundamental learning materials.

  • Access to a limited number of basic courses
  • Limited video streaming quality (720)
  • Access to online classes
  • 1 user account
  • Email support with standard response time
  • Whatsapp Support
  • Access to Homework Help (10 tokens per day)
  • Access to virtual assistant Luna (20 tokens per day)
  • Access to community forums

Standard Plan - 5,000 XAF/Month (38% discount) instead of 8000XAF

Designed for users looking for a more comprehensive e-learning experience.

  • Access to all basic courses plus a selection of intermediate courses
  • HD video streaming quality (1080HDP)
  • Access to online classes
  • Up to 2 user accounts
  • Priority email support
  • Whatsapp support
  • Access to Homework Help ( 25 tokens per day)
  • Access to virtual Assistant Luna (40 tokens per day)
  • Access to community forums and discussion groups
  • Monthly webinars with experts

Premium Plan - 8,000 XAF/Month (33% discount) instead of 12000XAF

The most advanced plan for users seeking full access to all e-learning resources and personalized services.

  • Access to all courses (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced)
  • Full HD video streaming quality (2K, 4K)
  • Access to online classes
  • Access to Homework Help (unlimited tokens per day)
  • Access Virtual Assistant Luna (unlimited tokens per day)
  • Multiple user accounts (up to 2)
  • Priority email and chat support
  • Access to exclusive community forums and expert networks
  • Weekly one on one tutoring help with experts
  • Downloadable course materials for offline learning
  • Personalized learning recommendations
  • Early access to new courses and features

Additional Notes for the Pricing Plan:

  • Annual Subscription Discount: Customers who choose an annual subscription instead of monthly billing are offered a discount. For example, pay for 10 months upfront and get 2 months free.

  • Free Trial: Yakili offers a 15-day or 30-day free trial to allow users to test the platform before committing to a subscription.

  • Enterprise Solutions: For institutions or businesses looking for a custom solution, Yakili deploys an enterprise package that includes bulk user accounts, advanced analytics, and tailored content. Schools have the possibility to absorb the subscription fee discounted into their tution fee package.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All prices are in XAF and include any applicable taxes.
  • Subscriptions renew automatically each month, and users can cancel any time.
  • The features listed in each plan are subject to change, but customers will be notified of any significant modifications in advance.

By structuring our pricing plan in this way, we provide a range of options that cater to different user needs and budgets, making it clear what each tier offers and why one might opt for a higher-priced plan.

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Download the app to access thousands of recorded videos with rich animations.